About Sahan Restaurant

Somali Food At Its Freshest

For Those Familiar With Somali Dining or Newcomers to The Cuisine .

Regardless of the occasion, Sahan Restaurant offers the facilities and food that feel like home. We are the GTA's newest and most accommodating Somali Restaurant built with the Somali community in mind.

If you are new to Somali food, we have options for you too. Our main dining area is very inviting and appeals to everyone. Somali food is a beautiful marriage of natural flavors and subtle spices that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Make your dish spicy (Hilac*) or Have a Spicy sauce on the side 

*Hilac is the szmaliab word for spicy 

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How We Give Back

Before opening his restaurant, owner Mohamoud Jirdeh vowed to give back to his community. His mission statement includes the promise to share his profits with those less fortunate..A percentage of all profits made by the restaurant are given to the local Somali community and to Somali groups abroad..

By dining at the Sahan Restaurant, you are helping Mohahmud in these efforts.

Enjoy the food - help the world..

Intii aanu Mohamoud furin restaurant-ka wuxuu go aan saday in uu wixii faaiido kasoo gala persantage kamida dib ugu celiyo Communitiga Somaliyeed ee baahidu hayso hadii aytahay mid gude iyo mid debedba..

Ka cuntayska aad kacunto waxay caawinaysaa Mohamud si uu dadkana u caawiyo.